Founded in 2010, Real Estate Photographers of America & International® is an Internet-based trade association with one primary purpose:

To promote the professional success of certified real estate photographers.


REPAI is not a vehicle for social change, a bandwagon for political agenda or a soapbox for business reform.


REPAI will strive continually to bring new and better clients to its members through innovative and aggressive marketing techniques. At the same time, REPAI will make a constant effort to educate and inform the photography buying public as to the merits of hiring a certified (REPAI) real estate photographer.


To the independent real estate photographer, REPAI is an invaluable resource for new business. Additionally, the REPAI member has the opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of other professional members. Finally, REPAI provides business and professional resources which allow each member to refine and improve his or her business.


In other words, "What's in it for me?"

1. You'll be included in the user-friendly REPAI online directory.

Unlike other sites, this isn't a directory designed to be used by photographers, but rather photography buyers. The REPAI directory is the fastest and easiest way for photography buyers to hire a real estate photographer like you.

The REPAI website is presently registered with over 200 search engines, including premium rankings with the five most widely used search engines. The REPAI site is also "hot-linked" to many of the major architectural trade sites. The REPAI website receives literally thousands of hits daily from all over the world. Quite simply, REPAI drives business to you.

Potential clients may link directly to your email and website from the REPAI directory. REPAI makes it as simple as possible for new clients to buy your services. We can't promise assignments, but we can promise traffic. Once a potential client clicks through to your website the sale is in your hands.

2. You'll receive credentialed membership in the world's most respected organization exclusively for real estate photographers. 

The REPAI membership designation is quickly becoming a sign of professionalism and prestige throughout the global architectural community. Your REPAI designation immediately tells the world that architectural photography is your specialty – not merely a convenient sideline as with most commercial shooters. You can begin using the REPAI title following your name immediately after joining.

3. You'll have access to an ever-increasing variety of products and services at special REPAI pricing.

Business resources for photographers, including preferred rates for rentals, travel, shipping, insurance, merchandise, etc.

Special product announcements, promotions and incentives from the world's major photographic manufacturers and vendors.

4. You'll be able to participate in the dynamic exchange of ideas with other REPAI members throughout the world at the exclusive REPAI Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.

5. You'll be included in affiliated programs and activities with other real estate organizations throughout the world.