REPAI Membership is open to Individual, Independent Professional Real Estate Photographers Only.
Photography Businesses with Staff Photographers, Franchises and Corporate Real Estate Photography Departments ARE NOT eligible for REPAI membership.

Membership in Real Estate Photographers of America & International™ is Just $125 Annually*. You MUST have a fully functional personal business website that clearly demonstrates your abilities as a professional real estate photographer and allows potential customers to both view your work and contact you for photography services.

Membership is not open to beginning or amateur photographers. The REPAI is not a mentoring or educational organization. Please note: Flickr, Facebook and other social media sites are not acceptable business websites. Portfolios hosted on these websites WILL NOT be accepted.

Your application for membership may be rejected if your website portfolio does not meet our minimum standards of professionalism. The following are the most common reasons for application rejection:

1. Uncorrected verticals.
2. Uncontrolled HDR process (garish, unrealistic colors and tones).
3. Uncorrected lens distortion.
4. Awkward or extreme camera vantage points.
5. Images that are clearly speculative and do not reflect real world real estate photography assignments.
6. Portfolio that clearly represents a business emphasis other than real estate photography.

Membership includes up to three REPAI Directory listings with direct links to your own personal email and website. The REPAI Directory is recognized by photography buyers as the most trusted resource for finding qualified real estate photographers. Photography buyers book assignments directly with you through your own personal website, not through REPAI.

Members are listed on their home region page of the REPAI Directory in order of membership date. For instance, if your home state is New York, you will be listed below those who have joined before you and whose home state is also New York. Members are listed on additional directory pages (other than their home region) below those for whom the page is their home region. For instance, if your home state is New York and you want to also be listed in Pennsylvania, your listing will appear below those members whose home region is Pennsylvania. Members are listed on additional directory pages in order of membership date.

Your annual membership fee entitles you to your directory listing as well as periodic newsletters, special offers from REPAI sponsors and participation in professional discussions in the REPAI Flickr Group and the REPAI LinkedIn Group.

As a member of Real Estate Photographers of America & International™ you pledge to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

1. Maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity, and be above reproach in all professional business practices.
2. Maintain an atmosphere of fairness and cooperation with other photographers.
3. Foster an attitude of mutual benefit between client and photographer in all negotiations, contracts and transactions.
4. Never misrepresent one's own qualifications, capabilities or reputation or impune the reputation of a competitor.
5. Never conspire with photographers to artificially inflate fees, fix prices or otherwise engage in any illegal or unethical business practices.
6. Maintain accepted legal and professional business practices such as utilizing written contracts in all assignments and projects.
7. Seek to uphold and fulfill all professional contracts, obligations, commitments and expectations.
8. Maintain a level of trust, confidentiality and proprietary respect with clients in all projects and assignments.
9. Maintain a high level of honesty and responsibility towards employees, contractors and suppliers, and always honor one's own financial obligations.
10. Decline any assignment that would compromise full compliance with any tenant of this REPAI Code of Ethics.

*IMPORTANT: YOU MUST MAKE A MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT on the following page or your application will automatically be deleted. You will be directed to the payment page after submitting this application page. In the event that your application is not approved, your payment will be refunded.

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